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Here are some helpful resources about Kansas City's Line Creek Forest, as well as contact information for our volunteer citizen group. This section is designed to make your life easier, so if there is any information you need, please let us know and we can either post it here or send it to you directly. Thank you for all you do! 

goal: Make Kc's Line Creek Forest a conservation area and protect it for future Generations


If you have any questions about the Line Creek Forest preservation effort, please contact one of our co-organizers:

Julie Stutterheim

Call or text: 816-806-7164

Bill Nichols

You can also message us on Facebook at:


good to know:

We are a volunteer group of concerned KC citizens, working together since 2017 to protect the Line Creek Forest. 



map of the line creek forest

The forest is surrounded on all sides by development and is some of the last remaining original woodland forest within Kansas City in Platte County.

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