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Urban wildlife

There are many plants and animals that call the Line Creek Forest their home – owls, songbirds, deer, bats and more. As development occurs, these populations dwindle and we lose the benefits these species provide. 

Three facts to know:

  1. Nationwide, metropolitan areas are losing about 36 million trees every year. As cities lose their large, old trees, the native wildlife that depends on them for food and shelter are also in danger of disappearing.

  2.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s populations of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have dropped 60 percent since 1970, and human activity is to blame.

  3. From Maine to Arizona, America’s forest species are in a steady slide towards extinction. Scientists predict that more than 4,600 native plant and animal species will be gone by 2030, an evolutionary blink of the eye.

more reasons to protect the forest

Tree 4


See what Missouri Department of Conservation, MARC and other experts say about the forest & why it's an important property for conservation.



KC spent 2 million dollars to bring community members to the untouched forest. Why ruin the surroundings with development?

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The Line Creek Forest has a rich history, from the interurban railroad to the archeological artifacts of the ancient Hopewell Culture. 

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