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Our goal

Make the Line Creek Forest a conservation area in the KC Northland and protect it for future generations.  

Our valuable green space in KC's Northland is disappearing. And old forests like the Line Creek Forest deserve to be protected.

Even if you've never stepped foot in the Line Creek Forest, it makes your life better. The forest provides water & flooding management, improved air quality, a habitat for important wildlife and countless benefits to our community. 

Remember, the forest isn't something that needs to be built and constantly maintained by taxpayer dollars, like a park, community center or ball field.
It has existed for hundreds of years and is mostly self-sustaining.

And when we try to bring back green space, it can cost hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Why not just protect what we have?

We are petitioning, together with thousands of community members for our local elected officials, Missouri Department of Conservation and government agencies to act on behalf of our citizens and the next generation to permanently conserve this valuable and limited resource in the Kansas City Northland.

What's next? Once the forest is protected, will create a volunteer group to help ensure our forest stays healthy. 

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