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The Line Creek Forest is a large, old & historic (unprotected) forest in the Kansas City Northland about the size of Central Park and home to the popular Line Creek Trail. The forest some of the last remaining original woodland forest within KC in Platte County and is surrounded by development. And now the forest itself is under threat for development. 



Learn more about the important benefits and environmental quality of the forest, based on analysis from Missouri Department of Conservation, MARC, and urban foresters. This area is called "an important property for conservation," and "some of the last remaining original woodland forest with KC in Platte County," by experts.

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WHAT IS HAPPENING to the forest?

Part of the forest is being developed by the largest landowner, the Park Hill School District, however much of the remaining forest can still be protected from future development.


But we have to act now!

Does Kansas City's area master plan support protecting the forest? (Read PDF)


Visiting the LINE CREEK forest & TRAIL

The Line Creek Forest is located in the Kansas City Northland. Two miles of the popular 8-mile Line Creek Trail run through the forest. There are three trail entrances (two official, one unofficial). 


map of the line creek forest

The forest is surrounded on all sides by development and is some of the last remaining original woodland forest within Kansas City in Platte County.

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